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Summer Camps as Tax Credits

The school year is coming to a close, and pretty soon your kids will be sitting home bored, playing on the computer or watching TV. Instead, why not send them to summer camp and get the government to pay 20% – 35% of the cost via a tax credit?

For all of you parents out there with children under the age of 13, the cost of summer camp for your kids might qualify for the child and dependent care credit. If your child went to a summer camp, and the cost was incurred so that you as parents could work it may be eligible. There are some instances where this does not hold true, for instance, summer school and tutoring programs are not eligible for the credit. These would be treated as educational services not child care.

To be eligible for the credit, the camps must be day camps, not overnight camps. They can be special day camps for computers, theater, and baseball just to name a few. So, not only are your children learning something new at these camps, but parents are able to take advantage of the tax credit on their end. Daycare has been a familiar item when discussing possible credits with parents, but this opens things up for parents. Not only will you be able to switch up the routine for your child in the summer, but there may be a benefit for you come tax time.

As with so many tax credits, there are some hoops to jump through in terms of your income, amounts paid for child care, etc. If you are interested in more information about this summer camp opportunity, please contact us.