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Passion…it is what manufacturing owners have and what Willis & Jurasek brings every day. Being located in Jackson, MI made it a natural fit for W&J to take up a niche in the manufacturing sector. Beginning in the early 1980s, W&J consulted with manufacturers which soon turned into the CFO for hire service that we offer today.

We understand the complexities that exist in the manufacturing environment and realize it can be challenging to get quality product out of the door while finding skilled labor as well as an onsite CFO/controller.

Our niche practice in the manufacturing sector was born as we saw the need for financial and lean management, from throughput to financial statement preparation each month. You strive to keep lean; from shop floor to overhead, that need is beyond understood and is a top priority for W&J in all types of engagements. Each situation requires different needs, below is a list of a few services W&J offers:



  • Dashboards & metrics
  • Monthly closings within 10 days of month-end
  • Excel or Access based solutions for recurring issues
  • Process improvements/lean accounting
  • Quoting and overhead studies (ie, what should my price be or should I take on this job?)
  • ERP systems-have worked with over 20 different software systems


Success Stories

  • Took a $20mm sales aerospace manufacturer from receiving month-end financials 28 days after the prior month to 3 days, with no revisions. Analysis of the financials were provided as well, we recognized owners and management didn’t have the time or ability to do themselves
  • A $14mm annual sales machine manufacturer brought in W&J as full-time CFO to assist in all finance efforts, which includes the monthly financials, global collection efforts and a myriad of financial analysis and job costing needs which saw the first year under W&J’s watch show an increase of 1mm to the bottom line
  • Saved a client $50,000 by utilizing the research and development credit
  • Saved a client $30,000 by setting up a commission structure to take advantage of capital gains rates over the top corporate rates