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Software Solutions

In the early 1900’s, Henry Ford used assembly lines; during these times there were more direct labor and less overhead cost. And paper…lots of paper. Fast forward over 100 years and we are using high-powered ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and trying to reduce labor costs as overhead costs increase.

With software costs and yearly maintenance agreements costing up to $250,000+, the question arises:

What Percentage Are You Using Your Software To Its Maximum Potential?

We have asked this to clients over the years and regularly hear 30-60%. With the cost required to implement systems and the overhead needed to manage manual processes outside of the ERP, there can be a substantial amount of wasted time and dollars….not to mention a lack usable information for owners, management and supervisors.

With experience in over 20 software packages, we are able to assist in better utilizing your software or automating reports that pull information out of your system. Garbage in is garbage out so we begin with the processes that input information into the system, and only after this do we focus on the information within the system. The last step is to ensure the information is disseminated properly.