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Business Transactions

Today’s business environment is one of constant change.  Business leaders are being barraged by a constant battery of tax shifts in tax laws, modifications to corporate structures and management, not to mention the long list of employee and human resources concerns. 


Management Consulting

  • Forecasting and Long Range Planning– The best way to plan for seen and unseen issues that are on your business’ horizon is thoughtful planning.
  • Accounting Systems– If you are establishing the correct protocol and practices or searching for the best fit from a software application, our team will help guide you past the possible pitfalls of your desired destination. 


Business Transaction

  • Valuations– The definition of a fair deal is when the buyer and seller are satisfied.  Our business valuation services will take the guess work out of this process and let both the buyer and seller rest assured they have received a fair deal.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions– It can be exciting when businesses join forces to offer the marketplace a superior product and at the same time it can be chaotic, Willis & Jurasek’s team of professionals can let you focus on the excitement, not the chaos.
  • Sales and Purchases– It does not matter if you are buying a company or transitioning out of ownership, our staff and services can offer the peace of mind that everyone is getting a fair deal.


Tax Planning & Reporting 

  • Tax Law Research and Interpretation– Constantly changing tax laws can either save or cost you money.  Our experts have the latest training and education to assure that you have the proper knowledge for your specific needs.
  • Preparation of Federal, State and Local Returns– From single individuals to corporations, everyone has to do it.
  • Tax shelters– Taxation is inevitable.  Over taxation is not.  Let our experts help you develop a strategy individually tailored to your needs.
  • Estate Planning– There are only two things in life that are guaranteed.  Let us help you be ready for both of them.
  • Employee Benefit Consulting– Pension and Profit Sharing Plans – Cafeteria Plans – 401(k) Plans – The days of salary being the top consideration when vying for the market’s top talent are long behind us.  Willis & Jurasek can help you structure your benefits to help you to keep the talent you have and attract the talent you need. 


Litigation Support

  • Expert Witness and Work with Attorneys– There are times in life when legal actions are inevitable.  Our clients have the comfort of knowing our entire firm stands behind them and their legal team.