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Governmental & Not-for-Profit

In both the governmental and not-for-profit sectors, staff and boards/councils are tasked with accomplishing a mission utilizing public funds.  As those in the industry know, the responsibility that comes with that is not taken lightly, but the process is easier said than done.  To achieve this goal, organizations must have a good system in place for tracking funds, controlling their use, and reporting to invested parties, all while balancing the finance side with the activities needed to succeed in their mission.  Not-for-profits and governments including counties, cities, townships, villages, and school districts are often being asked to do more with fewer resources causing an ever fluctuating environment in which this needs to happen.   With so many changes, our team at Willis & Jurasek can support your team as you work to maintain fiscal responsibility. We want to see you succeed!

Our experience is derived from years of not-for-profit and governmental sector work. We look at every engagement as an opportunity to make recommendations and help where we can.  Our experience includes audit services, internal control consulting, monthly consulting and bookkeeping services, annual tax filing services, and general operating consulting among other services tailored to our clients’ needs.  Let us partner with you as you move your organization forward.


Success Stories

  • Implemented an in-kind gift tracking system
  • Reduced UBIT by incorporating sales of inventory into their mission
  • Set up dashboards for a board of directors that did not have the financial savvy or desire to read full-blown financial statements

2024 Peer Review Report