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Accounting / Tax

If you’re looking for a CPA, you’re probably looking for a tax and accounting expert. While we can be so much more to a client, these “traditional” services are still our bread and butter. We work with clients from $100 thousand to $100 million annual revenue, providing the following services:



  • Income tax return preparation
  • Audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements
  • Financial statement write-up services
  • Payroll and payroll tax preparation
  • QuickBooks consulting
But where many traditional accounting firms stop at historical compliance work, we use that as a launching-off point to add value to your business. Honestly, just about anyone with CPA after their name can keep you compliant with your bank and the taxing authorities. What you really deserve is a firm that is able to do so much more. Here is a more extensive list of our services, all designed to grow your wealth and your peace of mind.


Additional Services

  • Business management reporting (dashboards, KPIs, budgeting, forecasting)
  • Profit enhancement analysis (job costing, burden analysis, cost-reduction strategies)
  • Business succession (internal to family members and key employees, or third-party buyouts)
  • Estate planning (tax-efficient gifting strategies, trusts, family LLCs)
  • Business valuation (buy-sell, divorce, estate tax)
  • Entity selection (LLC, corporation, C corp vs. S corp, self-employment tax minimization)
  • Income tax planning (accounting methods, equipment purchases, family tax shifting)
We view each client relationship as a challenge. The challenge is to make it so that our services pay for themselves in the form of your increased wealth. This may be through tax-savings strategies, consulting on better product pricing, or any number of things, but just know that it is our goal for you to be wealthier by working with us.

Who wouldn’t want a CPA like that?