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Principals & Staff

Phil S. Willis, CPA

Phil is the man with the plan who started it all in 1967. His unwavering commitment to do his share and a little bit more means our clients benefit not only from his business and financial wisdom, but also from his prowess with a snow shovel and salt spreader as they walk up our sidewalk in the dead of winter.

Connie M. Wortman, EA
Small Business Department Manager
Connie is the person to see in Southern Michigan if you want your books done right at a reasonable price. Whether helping with your start-up business, or cleaning up an accounting mess, you can rest assured that she will hold your hand gently throughout.
Deborah A. Wistinghausen
Debbie must like hats, because she wears several of them at W&J. Not only does she serve clients bookkeeping needs, but she also keeps the money flowing here in the office by handling our billing and accounts payable.
S. Brian Jurasek, CPA, CGMA
Managing Principal
Brian is a legend not only in the CPA world, but also the basketball world, having starred at Concord High School and Albion College. Now he puts that competitiveness to work for our clients, never settling for less than excellence as a CFO or controller for hire.
Lori A. Adair


Lori serves clients as part of W&J’s highly-regarded CFO/Controller team, in addition to handling W&J’s own human resources functions. When not helping business run smoothly, she can be found at the pool with her husband, kids and grandson.
Dennis C. Regan, CPA

Dennis is an income tax and estate planning guru, having cut his teeth at a “Big Eight” CPA firm before coming to W&J in 1981. Although semi-retired now so he has more time to ride his bike, travel and attend the opera, he is still a trusted advisor to high net worth clients.

David N. Benson, CPA
Dave’s father was a CPA, which got him interested in becoming a CPA. Not concentrating in one particular industry, he enjoys the ability to help clients of all types. He is the best tennis player at W&J… or at least his claim to be the best has not been challenged.
William M. Heikoop, CPA

Will comes to us from the Great White North (Canada), but you can’t even notice the accent anymore. Instead, you will notice his exceptional knowledge of your business and how to apply accounting and tax laws to your circumstances. He is also one of Grand Rapids’ premier Sage 100 ERP software specialists.

Nancy L. Barton, CPA

Nancy is so easy-going, it is easy to imagine her as a flower child in a former life. But don’t let that fool you. As a leader of our auditing department, she is dedicated to making sure our clients’ financial statements are presented in accordance with GAAP (or IFRS, if that’s your thing).

Richard T. Schefferly, CPA
Rick’s dynamic personality allows him to juggle many tasks, as he practically becomes part of your company to assist with your accounting, financing and taxes. Just don’t expect him at your office around November 15th each year… something about deer.
Barbara Adams
Secretarial Supervisor
Barb always knew she wanted to be in the accounting world, but upon realizing she doesn’t like math, she opted for the administrative roles. Without Barb, the Jackson office might just fall apart during tax season, as she handles our e-files.
Eric D. Rett, EA

Eric has over 30 years of experience, mostly as a public accountant providing tax advisory, business financial, and employee benefit services. He is a Western Michigan University graduate who dreams about the Broncos winning a national championship, but realizes fantasy sports may be more realistic.

Sarah J. Pastoor, CPA, MBA

Sarah is not your typical accountant! Sure, she can prepare your taxes, but she also likes to help with all aspects of your business. She likes to work with you so that you understand the financial side of your business. She will give you “homework” and will expect questions from you – lots of them.

Christine E. Kratzer, CPA/ABV

Christine has come a long way from the tough streets of Ferndale, Michigan. With her dad as a math teacher and her own interest in baking, she knows a lot about pi and pie. When it comes to her job, she knows a lot about governmental and not-for-profit auditing, plus she’s our resident business valuation expert.

Cheryl L. Griffin
Administrative Assistant
Cheryl often gets mistaken for Wonder Woman – but she is so much more! Sure, she can answer the phone, but she can also do your individual taxes and your company’s bookkeeping and payroll. She is also the keeper of the candy.
Sara K. Sauer, CPA

Sara is a W&J-lifer thus far in her career, having started in 2004 after graduating from Western Michigan. Since then, she has become a “Jill of all trades,” working on taxes, financials, audits and whatever else needs to get done around here. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at Houghton Lake with her family.

Monica R. Bannasch, CPA

Monica is a graduate of Western Michigan and earned her CPA certification in 2010. She enjoys working directly with clients at their office to gain a better understanding of their business. Outside of work, she is an active parent volunteer at her children’s school, and she enjoys cooking and gardening.

Michele M. Lauer, CPA

Michele is W&J’s only dual-licensed CPA, which is a result of her starting her career with a larger firm in Chicago in 2000. She lives by the motto “work hard/play hard,” so when she’s not providing clients with accounting, tax and consulting services, you’ll find her outdoors… either on the lake or riding the snowmobile trails.

Ryan C. Parshall, CPA

Ryan was eager to pursue mechanical engineering until his classes in physics and chemistry kicked in. Thankfully his basic business courses turned him on to the art of accounting, and he never looked back. He is a Jack of all trades, doing both auditing and tax. He is still dreaming of the Detroit Lions’ first Super Bowl.

Thomas B. Jurasek, CPA/ABV, CGMA

Tom is walking in his dad’s footsteps, becoming a valued employee here at W&J, with an especially key role in the CFO/Controller services we provide. One of our many Albion college graduates, he is always looking for the next adventure, whether that be climbing a mountain or off-roading in his Jeep.

Elizabeth J. Hitchingham, CPA

Elizabeth came to W&J in 2014 with valuable experience in accounting & auditing and employee benefit plans, and is an important member of the team who just gets the work done in a no-drama way. She once spoke three sentences in a row, but then quietly resolved to never be so boisterous again.

Danielle Wisdom
Director of First Impressions
Danielle brings some serious energy to the office; when she isn’t giving one of us a hard-time she is acting as the face of the firm that clients are greeted by when they enter our Jackson office. Danielle also has an interest and skill in marketing, which makes exactly one of us in the office; we use this to keep our online presence and print materials fresh.
Allison R. Haglund
Alli is a go-getter and had no problem juggling grad school while starting a new job right smack in the middle of tax season.  Alli knew that she wanted to go into accounting since she was just a little girl; we are more than happy to help her pursue her dream of preparing tax returns, financial statements and other accounting services.

Marcia A. Woodliff
If Marcia isn’t at work, she is probably thinking about farming; while Marcia works in WJ’s Small Business Department, her husband is a farmer.  Marcia takes care of clients by processing payrolls and bookkeeping work.
Brett A. Kegerreis
Brett is a graduate of Western Michigan University and initially rowed his boat to South Bend, Indiana where he started his career with a regional accounting firm. Wanting to get back to Michigan, he joined W&J’s Grand Rapids office where he brings a cheerful attitude and a federal tax background to the table.  He believes fall is the best time of year and loves to be outdoors.
Kyle D. Luttig
Kyle is a graduate of Hillsdale College, where he graduated a 4-time national champion while on the shotgun team.  While at school, Kyle worked in a small tax practice to begin honing his experience (while being a national champion and attending school).  Kyle’s ability to focus and succeed on multiple tasks will be a large asset to W&J and our client service mentality.