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State & Local Tax

Once upon a time, your business may have been simple. Your company’s customers and vendors were also its neighbors. You did business in your city, and that was good.

But today, your ambition and drive has led your business to expand beyond your city, and even beyond the borders of your state. You view the entire nation as your potential marketplace. But without the right professional team, it can also be a potential minefield. Is your CPA firm helping you successfully navigate that minefield? Or are they just waiting until something goes awry and then doing damage control?

At Willis & Jurasek, we take pride in proactively assisting our clients with their state & local tax issues in order to save them money and manage their compliance risks. Whether it be consulting on sales & use taxes when they get their first contract in a new state, appealing their property tax assessments, or studying state income tax nexus and apportionment laws to reduce their income tax, our clients know we provide excellent value in this area.

Our Value to You

  • ico-lifebeltSaved clients $20,000+ in Michigan Business Tax by restructuring corporate ownership and related-party real estate lease.
  • ico-penEducated new client on North Carolina sales/use tax exemptions, allowing them to apply for $10,000+ of refunds and take advantage of on-going annual savings.
  • ico-closeEliminated $40,000+ assessment in state income taxes by analyzing client’s business to properly apply different state laws regarding apportionment of income and sourcing of sales.

Our clients are able to recognize these tax savings because Willis & Jurasek has a team of professionals dedicated to serving our clients.

Shouldn’t your business also benefit from our experience?