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Do You Have Your CPA on Speed Dial?

As one of the most trusted advisors you have, your CPA should always be available to you.  Now-a-days that has become even easier to do with the use of e-mail and cell phones. 

If you stop and think about it…who knows more of your personal information than your CPA?  We know about your income, your children, your social security numbers and other sensitive information, your estate plan, your business, your long term goals, your retirement plans, how you run your business, which employees are and are not working out, etc.  Often times we are the first people that you turn to when there are major life events (i.e. birth, marriage, divorce, death, business start-up, mergers & acquisitions, etc.) because we can assist you and consult with you on essentially everything.  Also, we are great at keeping secrets, but you already know that if we have served you well over the years!

We are not just the paper pushers that you imagine…actually we’re almost completely paperless now so I guess we should rephrase that to key punchers…we are your trusted advisor, your confidant and hopefully your friend!

Having a CPA as your advisor allows you personally, and your business, to have access to a wealth of knowledge that would be otherwise unattainable.  As CPAs we are able to meet with clients in virtually every income level, industry and facet of life.  This provides us with a unique perspective and the opportunity to assist our clients in ways that they may not have even imagined because we have previously assisted a client in a similar situation.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are already one of our clients and for that we say Thank You!  It is our pleasure serving you and we hope to continue on with you indefinitely.  If there is ever a time that you feel you are not getting the service you think you should be, please contact our office and voice your concerns because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  We may not be the cheapest in town, but we are the best, which is attributable in full to our clients.  If you are satisfied with your services, we ask that you share our information with your friends, business associates, relatives, etc.  Word of mouth recommendations are the highest compliments from our clients.  If you have someone in mind that may benefit from our services, then please call me at 517-788-8660 or email me at and we will be happy to approach them.  Thanks again for being our clients!