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Be aware of these three new tax filing deadlines

As you begin preparing your final payroll tax returns for 2016, take into account earlier due dates for two common information reporting forms and one extended due date for health coverage reporting forms.

Forms W-2 for 2016 are due January 31. The January 31 deadline applies to forms given to employees, as well as those submitted to the Social Security Administration.

Forms 1099-MISC with non-employee compensation in Box 7 are due January 31, 2017. The January 31 due date applies to forms given to the payee, as well as paper and electronic copies filed with the IRS.

Forms 1095-B and 1095-C are due to recipients on March 2, 2017, instead of January 31. There is no change to the February 28 due date for filing paper forms with the IRS, nor the March 31 due date for filing electronically.