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Mission & Values

Since the late 1960’s our firm has survived many changes. We have moved offices, rotated employees and owners, been educated on numerous and voluminous law and regulation changes, and gained and lost business relationships. One constant has been our unwavering attitude to serve those who want to be served. Although we have informal mission and value statements we live by, we thought it appropriate to reduce to writing and publish those statements for the benefit of our clients, employees, business partners, friends and community. Although you know us, the following words are what drive us. We thank you for taking the time to read them and for your past and future patronage, support and friendship.

S. Brian Jurasek, CPA, Managing Principal

Principal Mission Statement

To seek opportunities to combine our talented, dedicated and experienced pool of people with the needs, wants and wishes of our clients, employees, business partners, and our community, in order to positively affect personal and business finance, relationships and change.

Core Value

“Live Long And Prosper.”

~ Dr. Spock

Other Values

In all manner of activities:

  • Strive for perfection, accept excellence and settle for satisfied, and mutually beneficial, client, employee/family/business partner relationships
  • Meet success with joy and modesty
  • Meet failure with disappointment and a resolve to do better the next time
  • Take seriously our ability to affect those we serve and thus, take seriously our duty to do so diligently
  • Do your share and a little bit more (a)
  • Provide support systems to our people to allow them to gain professional and personal growth of knowledge, experience and quality of life
  • Provide proactive, quality, and timely services; a given, but very important none the less
  • Measure our success by those around us
Credits (a) Mr. Phil Willis II.